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Belfry Fabber Mk1, rev6

Revision 6 of my home-build Belfry Fabber Mk1 plastic extrusion 3D Printer.

Since I slowed down my feed rate to nearly match my extrusion rate, my builds have improved in quality immensely. I'm even starting to experiment with using ABS support structures for overhangs. I still need to either tweak my oozebane settings, or move to a stepper extruder, but I've been really happy about my builds on this latest machine.
Tech Bat

Fabber update

I am constantly having bad luck with the standard mk4 extruder on my makerbot inspired fabber. I have even gone so far as to make mk5 style worm gears for driving the filament, and printing out printruder extruder bodies, only to have my filament kink, bend, or continue to strip.

With great frustration, I designed and milled out my own prototype extruder body from aluminum. With the mk5 style worm gear, this one actually seems to be behaving.

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Chemical Warfare

My roommate tugrik is experimenting with making French Onion soup again. The last time it was delicious, and I suspect this one will be even better. But he just sliced up ten whole onions in the kitchen, and even in the living room, half the house away, it's making my eyes water and sting. Yeeeeeg.