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I've not been inspired to post here in a couple months. I figure I should at least write a projects status report, and maybe I'll be more inspired later.

Trebuchet has been on the back burner for a while. I got severely frustrated at the bugs in the MacOS X Tk interpreter, so I task switched off to my other projects. I'll let this project cool a bit, then I'll tackle it again later. I have plenty of tasks to complete in Trebuchet, so I can work on those for a bit before I beat my head on the MacOS X bugs again.

FBMuck has been getting a lot of bugfixes and cleanup lately. I've been putting a lot of effort into improving the security of the server. In addition, I'm seriously looking at adding POSIX Regular Expressions support to MUF. It looks like that should be fairly simple.

In the MUF realm, I got blindsided by a MUF project to implement a Poker/card game program with numerous game variations. I say blindsided because the damned idea wouldn't get out of my head until I sat down and started implementing it. I've got the deck handling routines implemented, as well as the hand display and poker hand evaluation routines. It's insidious too, as it's even gone so far as to make me start designing a programming language for describing card games. I call it Royal. Hopefully I'll be able to get it out of my head before I have to actually implement the language interpreter.

On Fuzzball.org/Muck.org, I upgraded to the Drupal version 4 code, with lots of bugfixes and changes. I rewrote my filestore.module for drupal v4, and things are starting to look useful.

Belfry.com hasn't seen much work, other than the implementation of the Keenspace uptime tracker, and the addition of a couple dozen links. The comics index is now up to 611 links.


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Jul. 10th, 2002 03:04 pm (UTC)
Mmmmm, regexen... *drooly*
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    Clever! ^_^
  • 7 Oct 2011, 08:38
    Was each link made from two pieces, or was there fill material inside that you removed? I'm having trouble seeing how to print these in a makerbot-compatible way (though I could just be overlooking…
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    Nah. It'd just take a dissolvable support material and higher resolution. There are commercial 3d printers out there that can print ball bearing assemblies in one pass, fully assembled.
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    Nice! ^_^ I was going to be flabbergasted if you were actually able to print it as a unit, but I guess that would take antigravity.
  • 5 Oct 2011, 18:19
    I printed each piece individually and assembled them after some cleanup. I did print four segments at a time, though, unattached, in a 2x2 grid.
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