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Sticky books

I've actually had a pretty productive week, code-wise. The majority of my project work has been on writing another abstraction layer on the MUF GUI libraries. (Thus the subject line)

I've been writing code to make it easier for people to add GUI option editing to their MUF programs. Now they can just say they have options X, Y, and Z, of types A, B, and C, with given max values, min values, and help text, and this library will automatically generate a dialog that the user can easily use to edit these options.

One side benefit of this is that I'm currently using it to create a GUI object editor program that will let you edit @desc, @succ, flags, etc of an arbitrary object. I'm also now dreaming up a scheme where if you see an object name, you will be able to click on it, and get a menu of things you can do with it. I need to think on that a bit more.

This is all dependent on Trebuchet, or some other client that will support the MCP GUI package. Hopefully BeipMU will also support it soon.

Speaking of Trebuchet, I added a feature to it under Unix, where it can run an external editor program for MCP editing. I may add this for Mac and Windows also. I added this feature, because I was silly this weekend and created scripts for the VIM editor to provide smart-indenting and color syntax highlighting for MUF source code. Now Treb will pop up VIM when I do an @mcpedit on a MUF program. Veddy nice for me. Other folks will be able to set it to launch emacs, or pico, or whatever else they want. By default, though, it'll use the built in editor that is partially MUF aware.


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Aug. 1st, 2002 02:50 pm (UTC)
That could be tricky to actually implement. You see, lsedit uses the $lib/editor library's GUI support, and that doesn't use the simpleedit MCP package which I patched for the external editors. The $lib/editor library uses MCP-GUI to create a custom dialog. There's various technical reasons for this.

I'll take a look at it and see what I can do, though. Perhaps a context menu item for multiline editing controls, that lets you pop up an external editor to edit the value of that field? Or maybe I can find a way to get the server's simpleedit support to provide results to arbitrary programs.
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