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Being a quixotic developer is annoying sometimes.

A couple weeks ago, I was so utterly hyped up over code that I couldn't get it to flow from my fingers fast enough to keep up with my mind. I was up really late writing code, and doing cool things.

This week... Eh. I look at my programs and think, "You know, this could be better if I do X", but when I go to do that, I just kind of look at the code, uninspired, and get easily distracted by other things.

Such is my cycle of code development. I'll find my way back to the manic side of coding in a few days, no doubt. I just feel terribly unproductive in the meantime.


I have managed to get a few things done in Trebuchet and on The Belfry comics pages, mind you. Though they both need a fair bit of work before I'm happy with the new features. I need to think on design a bit more.

The comics pages have gotten a scripted theming system, that will show holiday specific color and art themes, which should kick in for the first time on Halloween. I still need to work on the page layouts, though. It's just... non-optimal as yet. On the upside, I've commissioned new art for various holidays.

I've been expanding Trebuchet's MCP scripts to add in support for some of the AWNS.Com MCP packages. Small subtle things, like letting you ping the server to get latency information, or having the client automatically inform the server of the user's time zone, to allow programs to show proper local times. Unfortunately, these have pointed out a few limitations and problems with Trebuchet's menu system. When I can find inspiration to rewrite menu.tcl, I'll be in good shape.

But in the meantime... Bleagh.
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