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I went to visit my mom down on the high desert this on Friday. Tugrik and his sisters drove me down there, and dropped me off, so I could pick up the truck I've inherited, and drive it back on Sunday. They went on to go see Boulder City, Las Vegas and Death Valley. It was nice to visit my mom for more or less a long weekend.

On Saturday night, mom and I were up late, copying home-made videotapes, when I heard this odd sound just over the TV's noise. I muted the TV and poked my head outside to see what it was. The sound became instantly recognizable once I opened the front door.

Yiyiyiyi! yip! Bark! Yiyip!

Across the street, in the dark open desert, I heard the nearby sound of a group of coyotes yipping, barking, and howling at the sound of a distantly passing freight train. There sounded to be about five or six of them, probably a mother and adolescent cubs.

They were really close by, but I couldn't quite see them. I couldn't locate them with my cam-corder's night view mode, either. From their direction, though, they could not have been more than seventy-five yards away, as I'm fairly sure they were between me and a house in that direction.

A minute later, when the train had passed, they stopped their calls, and it was as if they were never there.



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Oct. 22nd, 2002 11:42 am (UTC)
More than one, this time.
*laughs* Probably Coyote for 'Hey Mom, what's that TRAIN doing in our living room?' Reminds me of a roleplaying session I ran wherein a train with the player characters on it got swallowed by a World Dragon -- and the train ended up in someone's bedroom two star systems away.

Fun. I'm hoping the new place has coyotes near it. Good chance of it, since something's gotta chase the mountain lions off.

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