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I managed to videotape some meteors with my camcorder. I trimmed down a half hour of video into about 13 seconds of hilights. Requires QuickTime and the MPEG-4 codec.



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Nov. 22nd, 2002 10:20 pm (UTC)
Meteors, Cookies, and artificial inteligences.
hmmm.. like it.. there is nothing ever like the real thing tho.. hrm.. oi.. that last time i went to see a meteor showed it was overcast. C_C i was upset to a degree.. Cursed Universe wouldnt let me see shooting stars. x.x gah.. so i went inside and i ate a cookie. i felt better. anyways. @_@

I recently did some more Research of Artificial inteligences.. and came accross a Great deal of information on lots of Off the wall Subjects.. it allows you to either click from one topic to related topics of it.. o.O or you can do a search for a topic.. at which point it will pop up with the topic(if it has it) and a buntch of related stuff.. @_@;

When the topic comes up, it brings up a Brief Description of whatever it is.. (Biology.. study of life or whatnot..) and below that it usually has links to articals on the Subject.. really it is a neat little site.. mmmhmmm. n.n i looked up Scrotenger's (sp?) cat.. o.o and it brought that up! anyways.. C_C


Check it up!

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