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New Icon...

...for my more coyote moments. Whatever that means.

Cropped from an amazingly detailed image Ezuli did for Tugrik, Lynx, and I.

Looking at the various nice pictures folks have done for me, most of them seem to have similar pensive or contemplative looks to them. Fitting for my characters, I suppose. It makes for rather esoteric mood-based icons, though. ("I'm feeling 'yotish today.", "For once, I'm in a monochrome mood.", etc.)

Hmm. Then again, I just recalled the humorous pictures Micah did for the Belfry.
And I vaguely recall a B&W picture of Revar on the prowl that I should hunt down. Now where was that...?

*prowls off to hunt*


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Feb. 13th, 2003 12:09 am (UTC)
Heh.. ^_^
pensive! @_@ yes! .... mmm.. @.@ *having just listened to pee wee herman cackle for about 10 minutes straight... her mind struggles to put together pensive revar and cackling herman in the same mental image... x.x ow....* perhaps along with the common sense rules, like look both ways before crossing the street.. and always use me @ swap notify instead of .tell when creating muf you plan to port to new mucks..... there should be a new rule.. one that will sweep throughout the masses and dazzle them like never before... @_@ 'Never Imagine a pensive Bat lady cackling like pee wee herman.. it just isnt natural.'

Providing everyone with Sustaining Wisdom,
BlueJaey ---> Buuru-san. c.c
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