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Code talking

Projects projects projects... What have I been up to lately?

In the FBMuck code, I've been very inactive for the last month or so. I have a project to rewrite my C based MCP code to C++ so that it could be converted into a COM object. Unfortunately that has stalled, as I've managed to intimidate myself a bit with learning how to write COM objects. I really need to restart this and just pass the pure C++-ized version off to my co-conspirator, and let him make it into COM objects, but I fear that this is still going to be a major rework, with how the code needs to call itself. Well, at least he has experience with writing COM code.

In Trebuchet, I managed to fix a few bugs and incorporate some third-party patches into the code. (Yay!)

Most of my work the last few weeks has been in learning Cascading Style Sheets, and re-implementing The Belfry Comics Pages to use them. This has had the nice side effect of reducing my bandwidth usage, and has perhaps improved the usability of the site as well. I've continued working on the comics pages, and am trying to improve it's general layout as well. I have the development test version up here, for those brave enough to beta-test it.

I'm honestly rather glad that I've been working on the comics pages again, as it breaks the general code burnout I was suffering from for a couple months there. I think maybe I just need to stop thinking about how big my projects are, and just DO the small bits. When I think of the bigger picture, I tend to get utterly overwhelmed and burn out.

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