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I am Jack's backbone

Most the time I usually wander around in a general malaise of middling self esteem. Just something that comes with having next to no mental self image of myself. No, really. When I think of myself, the image isn't really visual, but is mostly a mess of vague emotions instead. I have to think hard to visualize my own face.

I kind of drift through life, going with the flow, being vague and indecisive, avoiding confrontation.

It's therefore pleasantly refreshing to be reminded that I can grow an instant backbone when a challenging social situation arises. I can be stubborn even.



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Aug. 13th, 2003 01:47 pm (UTC)
Now I'm curious what happened!

I tend to think of you as, well, a mellow coyote in spirit.
Aug. 13th, 2003 04:18 pm (UTC)
Lee Presson Spines. They come in packs of 10. Keep a box of them in your trunk for emergency situations. :)
Aug. 16th, 2003 08:21 pm (UTC)
I usually feel like i am a Small.. small little person, a huge amount of the time..
It usually takes an emergency, life or death situation to make me realize i am worth something. o.o
as for social situations, i have the backbone of a wet napkin. x.x people just step on me.
I guess i fear being disliked more than i fear death or serious pain and injury.. O.O .. that has to be the bluntest example of society's tendency to brainwash you, i can think of. o.o i think i might try something really daring, and manage to flirt with the waitress at the lizard's thicket. c.c (stupid, Boring, explosions. you've seen one, you've seen them all. )
Aug. 23rd, 2003 08:28 am (UTC)
Hi names richter sorry don't have a lj username besides this
anyway pretty cool what you said there, though I tend to be shy at times, i also think I need to be in the front lines of life also,
to help those in need at times of pressure and unhappyness, you should try it out some time you might be surprised at what happens,
...oh yeah stay frosty ppl =P
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