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I am an utter bum.

I have now managed to not update the themes on The Belfry Comics Index in time for either Thanksgiving or New Years. Argh.

The conversion process from the old themes system is proving to be nontrivial, so I tend to do only one theme conversion at a time. Thanksgiving I just completely forgot about until it was already December, and for new years I just couldn't acquire a tuit of a circular nature[1] while on vacation.

On other fronts, I need to seriously update the MCP-GUI documentation to reflect the actual state of implementation. Turns out a fellow developer, Beip, is farther along than I expected, and is already starting to develop from the out of date spec. Eek.

I had planned to do a lot of work on Trebuchet while on holiday vacation, but all I ended up doing with the computer was staring at the screen and web surfing. Well, and setting up my new image gallery.

So, while I did get a little done, and generally got nicely de-stressed from work, I still feel unproductive and guilty.

Anyone care to explain to me how I manage to become a lazy bum with a work ethic guilt streak? Feh.

[1] I didn't get a round tuit.


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Jan. 6th, 2004 08:58 am (UTC)
Lazy guilt
No idea, but I'm in the same boat. Half the problem in my case is from being a bit too smart - I had a very easy time of things through school, and never had to work that hard. Even through University, I managed to do quite well without really developing good work habits... Fundamentally, I *like* being lazy, but I know that there's so much that needs doing... Ah well.

Of course, there are things to be said for using downtime to just recharge, too.
Jan. 7th, 2004 07:38 am (UTC)
(Since I could get in a lot of trouble if the wrong person saw this, I'm posting anonymously.)

I too am one of those people who was smart enough that if I had really tried I could have gotten A's in just about every class in high school, and most of them in college, if I'd really worked at it, but I could afford to be lazy and still get A's in the subjects I was best at and rarely worse than a C in the rest.

At work nowadays its the same. I could be one of the leading technical experts here if I really tried and spent most of my work hours doing productive work. But I have this fear that working that hard would leave me exhausted, stressed out, and headed for an early grave. So I do enough work to fulfill my obligations and do it well enough to make a favorable impression, occasionally doing something extra or showing some initiative to make a favorable impression. I spend way too much of my time at work on web surfing and other non-work related activities, and wonder what my management would really think (and if I would still have a job) if they only knew. And I too have many days when I feel unproductive and guilty. Sometimes I blame my home life for this, the thinking being that I don't get to spend near as much of my spare time as I'd like on these things, so I do them at work instead.

Signed, another lazy bum with a work ethic guilt streak.
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