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The keys that bind.

Yay! Over vacation I manage to tackle one of the tasks that had daunted me. In Trebuchet I redesigned the Key Bindings dialogs to be about 1000% easier to use. It turned out - like many tasks that I get myself worked up about - to be much easier than I thought.

Treb's starting to look like a real mud client now. I'm actually entertaining thoughts of declaring it officially Beta quality now. I've even gone and updated the MCP GUI protocol specification.

It's an odd quirk of my personality that I seem to get most productive while I'm on a vacation. It's an even odder quirk that I can't seem to enjoy myself unless I feel like I've been productive lately. Ask me how my weekend went and I'll probably answer something like, "Pretty well. Got a lot of stuff done," instead of "Pretty well... Had a lot of fun." I'm still debating with myself whether this is an unhealthy attitude or not.