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Out of long silence.

Okay, so two weeks isn't that long a silence, but still...

Heheheh... The comic strip Dragonboy honored Belfry.com with an amusing comic strip today. Thanks, Arius!

The Belfry Furry Comics Index has its submissions file stuffed to overloading again! This is mainly due to a great deal of effort on the part of one Tom Mazanec. Thanks, Tom! Sometime this weekend I should be brave enough to open that file and do a massive links update.

In other news, I finally noticed that folks have been using the SourceForge bug tracker system for Trebuchet. What a concept! Actually I feel embarassed that I'd managed to forget it for so long. Apparently I didn't have the tracker set to e-mail me when a bug was posted. In any case, I cranked through the bug reports, and I've fixed and released a large number of them. There's still a few left to work on, but most the major ones are done. I'll be reading that tracker now. Promise!

As a complete whiplash change of topic, I just wanted to note that the Opera web browser is niiice. It's fast, which is a nice change from Mozilla or Netscape, and it actually seems to run under Linux without lots of crashes. I just would love to get it to open new pages in completely different windows, though, instead of using that silly Document Object Model that Windows popularized. (Note: That's a bash on DOM, not Windows. I'm an equal opportunity OS basher. I find them all annoying.)


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Apr. 30th, 2001 10:29 pm (UTC)
Tom Mazanec again...
I certainly do not want to nag you, but the list will not grow shorter each week :). And I can hardly believe some of the ones that are still missing (Fred Basset!).
Seriously, I hope you soon get the chance to get those links up. Thanks for making this great web site!
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