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Circuit board making

Lessons learned for the day:
  • My laser printer prints circuits about 0.5% larger than real size.

  • Ferric Chloride works much faster than Ammonium Persulfate for etching circuit boards.

  • But you can monitor the etching process much easier with Ammonium Persulfate

  • It's easier to remove erroneous photoresist masking, than it is to remove excess copper later.

  • Vias are easiest to do on the cheap simply by soldering a wire through the hole.

  • I have enough oddball spare parts sitting around to almost complete the circuit I was making. I just need four 0.1uF capacitors now.

Next I need to finish updating the software to drive the new turret with the new serial breakout board.
Sometime fairly soon I may actually get to test-drive C.L.I.V.E. 2, and see how well the new planet tracking code works.