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Muck Maladies

I actually wrote up a post about this a couple weeks ago, but I erased it as I wasn't sure of my facts at the time. Just as well.

FurryMUCK lost its network connection a couple weeks ago, as the major DSL backbone for the state went belly-up, and took down the netlinks of both of the companies that Furry got its netlinks through.

S'A'Alis quickly moved the FurryMuck server to a friend's network. Unfortunately, that network was behind an inferior firewall, which couldn't deal with the number of connections that FurryMUCK generates.

About this time, I set up a server for testing the FM database on a fuzzball 6.00 muck server. I'd been planning on doing this for months, actually. Since our test server was on a T-1, and the main FM server was still having major connectivity issues, Tugrik pointed the domain at the test server, and we put up notices on the real FM that the test server was available for use until the real FM become usable again.

I put warnings all over the test server noting that it was temporary, and to expect possible crashes and such. We actually experienced four crashes, but I tracked them all down to a faulty memory DIMM that we replaced the next day. I got a lot of useful data out of the test run, with a max user count of 260, and things are looking good for FB6 with Furry, given just a few minor fixes and changes.

After another day, S'A'Alis managed to get the real FM back up on a new netlink that had been in the works for a while before the outage. The populous of furry and the domains were redirected back to the main FM.

The test server remains up, and it is currently a testbed for making FB6 optimizations to the FM MUF programs.

This whole situation has created a whole lot of bad blood, though, when it absolutely should not have. I may get into that at some later date.
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