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Project updates

I hadn't been feeling like adding updates to LJ while I was still job hunting. That problem solved, though, I figure I should mention what I've been doing these last two months.

The last two months have seen a lot of activity working on Trebuchet and Fuzzball Muck both, mainly because I've had a lot of free time on my hands. Boredom accounts for a lot also.

In Trebuchet I've implemented SSL encryption support for systems that have the TLS extension to TCL, and OpenSSL installed. I've repackaged the windows client with a nice new installer, as well as minor usability tweaks and bug fixes. Probably the biggest news is that Trebuchet is now out of alpha. That's right, We're currently at version 1.007.

On the Fuzzball Muck server front, I've also implemented SSL support. A lot of work has been put into eradicating memory leaks, and patching bugs. Currently no known memory leaks or reference counting errors exist. Only one known crasher still exists, and it's proven difficult to reproduce. We're working close to a beta4 release, which will probably be followed close by a final 6.00 release. We're almost there!