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Xmas gift suggestions for family

This is some late-ish gift ideas for family members who have asked.

Things I want, which are impractical for gifts:
* Amazon Kindle. (Ha! I josh. These are sold out until like february.)
* Carvewright scanning probe (Good luck getting by Xmas.)

Things I want which are practical:
* A good beard trimmer.
* Craftsman wood clamps. Half a dozen or so. Sears carries these in stock.
* Interesting hardwoods, about 3/4 inch thick, at least 6 inches wide. * A good wood router with various bits. Dewalt, possibly. (I've not researched which one is best for the price.)
* A good wood router table.

I'll try to think of more ideas soon.



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Dec. 15th, 2007 04:28 am (UTC)
Doh! If only I'd known.

I just gave away a gigantic router table/cabinet with (IIRC) a 3.5HP motor and a buncha feed guide stuff.
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    Clever! ^_^
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    Was each link made from two pieces, or was there fill material inside that you removed? I'm having trouble seeing how to print these in a makerbot-compatible way (though I could just be overlooking…
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    Nah. It'd just take a dissolvable support material and higher resolution. There are commercial 3d printers out there that can print ball bearing assemblies in one pass, fully assembled.
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    Nice! ^_^ I was going to be flabbergasted if you were actually able to print it as a unit, but I guess that would take antigravity.
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    I printed each piece individually and assembled them after some cleanup. I did print four segments at a time, though, unattached, in a 2x2 grid.
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