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The Belfry Webworks

My current list of tasks to implement for the comics index are:
1) Integrate non-furry comics into the personalized comics pages.
2) Allow users to not have new comics auto-added to their personalized comics pages.
3) Bring the layout of the site up to date. It looks pretty ancient now.
4) Allow filtering based on warning flags, furry/nonfurry, etc.
5) Add buttons to customization page to select/deselect all comics.
6) Allow users to add links to their personalized pages that aren't in my index.
7) Generalize the links index code for other types of indexes.

This all isn't going to be implemented quickly. I'm afraid that I have two other projects taking up my spare time at the moment, and Tuits of a circular nature are getting spread thin. (The two projects are Fuzzball6 MUCK, and the Trebuchet mud client, for those curious.)