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Okay, I was wrong about FurryMuck's new machine. Drew and a housemate of mine (who probably wants to remain nameless in regards to this) went out and purchased a new rackmount machine for FurryMuck. It's a dual- 933 Mhz processor intel box with 1 Gig of PC133 SDRAM, and a pair of mirrored drives for 18Gig disk space, all in a 1-U high rackmount case.

Translating that for non tech savvy folks, that means it's fast. For FurryMuck, really really fast. The muck will be able to run fully in-memory, and the machine itself can run MUF code at roughly 10 times the speed of Furry's current machine.

Bye bye server lag. When this is running, if you see lag, it will be the network, not Furry's machine.

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