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Sometimes I wonder if I should have myself tested for ADHD. I seem to flit between the dozen or so projects I have like the developer's equivalent of a social butterfly.

This week, I've done the following:

  • Added support for color syntax highlighting of MUF source code to Trebuchet's editor.
  • Fixed four or five bugs in FuzzBall Muck 6.00.
  • Bought $350 of graphic novels to read, and read a quarter of them already.
  • Stress tested FurryMuck's new server machine.
  • Debugged a couple issues in the FB6 server when used with FurryMuck's DB.
  • Wrote a chapter of my document in progress about how to best write MUF code for FB6.
  • Read my customary dozen web comics a day.
  • Worked on designing a new faster back end for
  • Read the book "The Blood Jaguar".
  • Read a half dozen short stories from the net.
  • Kept up with,,,, and
  • Rewrote parts of cmd-page to take advantage of FB6.
  • Oh yeah, and Worked 8 hours a day, so I'd get paid.

And that's just the stuff I recall. I never seemed to work for very long at any one task, except reading the book. This really isn't atypical of me either. (Well, normally I don't buy so many graphic novels at once.) I am constantly interrupting myself with other things, and distracting myself.

Is there such a thing as Data Addiction? If so, I have it. I'm always and constantly finding new things to read, online and off. Always finding new things to code to hold my attention. Always splitting myself among multiple tasks and projects.

I have to wonder if this isn't a bit unhealthy.
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