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It works, mwahahah!!

Last night I hooked up a Teensy++ micro-controller, running my G-code interpreter firmware, up to a stepper motor driver and stepper motor from Makerbot, powered by an ATX power supply. I ran some g-code from my CAD through it.

We have Motion! And the motion is correct for all three axes!

*ahem* "MwahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHA! It's ALIIIIVVVE!"

Now, I just need to make a framework to attach the stepper motors to, to drive the three axes of a proper motion control system. I'm currently designing up something on my CAD.

Because I can't ever leave well enough alone, I'm designing something new, instead of using a publicly available design. I want to see if I can make a 3D plastic extrusion printer mostly from parts you can buy at your local ACE hardware store, and maybe some from a bicycle or auto-parts store. The CupcakeCNC design from Makerbot is neat, but kind of limited in the size of parts that it can output, and it seems to suffer from the steppers resonating with the wood, making it louder then I'd like.

I can do better. :)
Tags: coding, dangerous, electronics, hobby, mad science, shop, technogeekery
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