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Print success!

I've got version 2.0 of my 3d printer made, and I've had printing success! I've printed a small wineglass (port glass?) and with a little acetone I managed to make it watertight!

Here's a couple pics of rev 2.0 of the fabber. I'm working on a rev 2.5, but it's mostly cosmetic changes.

I used to use a 4 screw Z platform on rev 1.0, but it was prone to binding. Rev 2.0 has a greatly improved dual screw Z platform that is much stiffer, doesn't bind, and allows much better access.

3-in-1 oil improved the X-Y travel, and as long as I get a good raft, I generally get good builds. I'm thinking a heated platform like the makerbot guys are experimenting with will help a lot, but I have to figure out how to wire it up.

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