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Belfry Fabber Mk1Belfry Fabber Mk1
I've been busy lately, adding a couple features to the Belfry Fabber Mk1. I've added a heated platform, an LCD display for status info, and a keypad to control the Fabber without a computer. I can start, pause, and stop print jobs from the SD Card, set head and platform temperatures, move the X, Y, and Z axes, zero the axes, and start and stop the extruder, all with just a few keystrokes.
Keypad and displayKeypad and display
Another view of the keypad and display.
Main Display ScreenMain Display Screen
Main info screen, showing a paused printing state.
Fabber KeypadFabber Keypad
A closeup of the home-made control keypad.
Temperatures MenuTemperatures Menu
A closeup of the Temperatures Menu screen.
File selection File selection
You can use the keypad to select files to print from the SD Card.
Heated PlatformHeated Platform
A closeup of the headed platform.

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