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The time after...

This weekend I drove down to visit the family, and to attend the open house/wake for my father. We had slightly over a hundred friends of the family attend, all with their own stories, funny and serious. The mood was very upbeat.

He would have enjoyed it a lot, I think.

I was worried about my mom before, but I'm not any more. She's taken it very well. I guess having the month to get used to the idea, and to discuss things with dad helped a lot. That, and she was always very self-reliant and practical-minded. She still has a healthy sense of humor, too. It was good to hear her laugh at the stories people told.

I'm terribly impressed with the number of friends my father had made from all over the world. He was a well liked and well respected man, who was very good at what he did. Hearing the stories really brought home a side of him I just wasn't too aware of.

After everyone's stories were told, my brother even related a message given to him by my father. He said he'd had a very good life, and was contented. He'd had a beautiful wife, a great family, the respect of his peers, and a lot of friends. He'd even gotten to see the world. He was happy, so we shouldn't feel too sorrowful. It was nice to hear that.

My mom has decided to go ahead with the Springfield Mineral Show this summer. It was originally going to be displaying my father's collection as a one-collection showing; A rather ambitious idea for a mineral show. Mom's going to carry on with the show as a memorial showing. It should be quite spectacular, as my father is reputed to have one of the best thumbnail mineral collections in the world. (Thumbnails being minerals small enough to fit in a 1 inch cube.) He also has the definitive collection of Californian Borates, and a well respected Smithsonite collection as well.

My father impresses the hell out of me. I can only hope that someday I may do so well with my life as he did.


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Feb. 28th, 2002 04:44 pm (UTC)
He sounds like an amazing man. *warm soft hugs*
Mar. 4th, 2002 03:52 am (UTC)
I agree...
What you are saying reminds me, somewhat, of feelings I had when attending the funeral, and sitting (in my case necessarily briefly) shivah, for my maternal grandmother a year ago January. There too, it was heartening, how very many showed up, and what was said... among other things... A service and what follows should in fact be a place and a time to celebrate the deceased and their (past and continuing) impact in our lives, not only mourn them, I think...
Again my apologies for the intrusion, and very considerable sympathies to you and yours.
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